Frankel CVC DEI

A message from our leaders 6.9.2020

Dear Frankel CVC Faculty and Staff,

The COVID-19 pandemic, the death of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade and so many more African Americans, illuminate the systemic and structural racism in our country and in our own state. It is apparent in the way COVID-19 has disproportionately affected communities of color. It is also clear the impact of bias in society all too often leads to acts of police brutality. These events have been highly disturbing and warrant action from all of us as these events further reveal that people of color in our country are not treated equitably.

In response to these events we want to acknowledge the pain, severity, and importance of this moment in our country’s history. We want to be clear that we stand with each and every one of our faculty members, staff members, patients, and families of color and their allies. We see you.

As health care workers the current climate of racial injustice and healthcare disparity weighs heavily on all of us, but especially on our colleagues of color. Now more than ever, we must work together to overcome the systems that perpetuate racism and work tirelessly to amplify the voice of the marginalized. This work cannot be done alone. We must stand united and support one another and understand that this experience touches each of us in a unique way and in a collective way. Collectively, our actions are stronger together. The recent violence harkens the past experiences of hate and unrest. The health outcomes in communities of color throughout the pandemic point out, yet again, the health disparities communities of color face. We implore you to use your voice and your privilege to help those that need it most. All of these events beg each of us to make a stand of civility and equity for all. Please visit to find anti-racism resources to increase your understanding of race in America, how you can move to action, and to help you navigate these difficult times. Please reach out to your teams and colleagues to provide support and a space for them to share. Leverage the Office of Health Equity and Inclusion’s dedication to making space for dialogue and reflection with one another by sharing their upcoming virtual events and encouraging participation.

As we all move through this painful moment in history please be kind, be patient, and express empathy. At the Frankel CVC, we celebrate humanity, we appreciate diversity, and we strive for equity and inclusion. You have seen our identity statement displayed proudly for the last two years on the large columns in the public spaces in the FCVC. Many of you signed the statement indicating your support. This is a reminder that this identity statement is reflective of our FCVC community and it expresses our collective desires.

“We, at the Frankel Cardiovascular Center, believe that delivering the very best heart and vascular care in the world can only be achieved through a culture of respect for one another and by celebrating the diversity of our patients, their families, and our workplace community. We strive to inspire an equitable and inclusive environment that welcomes and respects individuals from all races, ethnicities, gender identities, religions, beliefs, abilities, appearances, sexual orientations, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Diversity is at the heart of our values, improving patient outcomes, enhancing our work culture, and optimizing health care.”

With One Voice,

Peter Henke, MD –DEI Steering Committee Co-Chair, Frankel Cardiovascular Center

Nikki Taylor MSN, BSN, AGCNS, RN –DEI Steering Committee Co-Chair, Frankel Cardiovascular Center

Kim A. Eagle, MD – Director, Frankel Cardiovascular Center

David J. Pinsky, MD – Director, Frankel Cardiovascular Center

Richard L. Prager, MD – Director, Frankel Cardiovascular Center

Thomas W. Wakefield, MD - Director, Frankel Cardiovascular Center

Stefanie L. Peters, FACHE, MPA, LMSW, Chief Administrative Officer, Frankel Cardiovascular Center

Other messages from Michigan Medicine leaders can be found here for inspiration:

DEI Language.pdf

About the Frankel CVC DEI Committee

The Frankel CVC DE&I Committee is comprised of members from a variety of disciplines, backgrounds and areas within the Frankel Cardiovascular Center. The committee meets monthly to discuss issues and initiatives to further their mission.

These committee members are your DE&I “ambassadors” and are happy to share with you what we are working on and hear your thoughts.

We have also partnered with other groups across campus with a similar mission including the Office of Patient Experience and the Office of Health, Equity and Inclusion . Representatives of these areas attend our meetings and we are in regular communication to maximize our collective efforts.

Mission Statement of the FCVC Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Steering Committee (Article II)

The FCVC Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Steering Committee is a group that aims to educate and lead the FCVC staff, faculty, students, and patients/families on issues concerning diversity, equity and inclusion. The Steering Committee was established to design and implement innovative and practical ways to engage and emphasize inclusivity across the FCVC. Additionally, it will help support a culture of inclusion and equity throughout the organization.