What is Wellness?

Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life. 

Wellness VS. Well-Being.  What’s the Difference?

Wellness is the pursuit of health and happiness through healthy lifestyle habits. Well-Being is understanding how the 8 dimensions of wellness are intertwined and impact one another.  Well- being is the destination and Wellness is the path used to get there. 

How are you doing on your Wellness Journey?  


Take this Personal Wellness Assessment to find out which dimensions you are having success in, which dimensions are going “okay”, and which dimensions you could improve on?


FCVC Compass Peer Mentors

The FCVC has COMPASS peer supporters trained by the Office of Counseling and Workplace Resiliency to provide psychological first aid and emotional support from a place of shared experience. Peer supporters can assist colleagues through difficult experiences with patient care, stress and burnout, or any work-related concern. All conversations are strictly confidential, and ANY member of a care team can request peer support. If you are interested in learning more about COMPASS or becoming a peer supporter, please contact our COMPASS coordinator Jen McNamara at jlmcnama@med.umich.edu. 

Jen McNamara - Research Program Manager

Diane Lopez - Associate Chief Nursing Officer 

Debbie Williams - Nursing, CVC 4D

Ariel Toews-Ricotta - Nursing, CVC 7D

Moriah Rankin - Nursing, CVC 4D

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Enjoy this week’s Wellness Wednesday newsletter.  Be sure to click the links to the articles. 


MARCH 13, 2024


FCVC Lactation Room

Looking for a lactation room in another of the hospital or campus?  Click HERE for a list of lactation rooms. 

Additional lactation information and resources can be found HERE.  

FCVC Lactation Room Information

Michigan Medicine 

Recharge Rooms

Thanks to generous donors, Michigan Medicine has installed 3 Recharge Rooms: A place of calm in the middle of it all.  The rooms, located at CVC-5331A, MIB-626 and CW-7-231, are intended to induce short-term decreases in blood pressure, stress hormones and heart rate through elements like dimmed lighting, relaxing music, abundant greenery, socially-distanced, cozy seating and tranquil imagery projected on a video wall. 

The rooms will be open to faculty, staff and learners 24/7. There will not be a scheduling system to reserve space in the room at this time.

Michigan Medicine Well-being Resources

MHealthy offers programs and services that encourage encouraged faculty, staff, and the community to move more and stay active throughout your day. Exercise and relaxation classes, personal training, and more are available. 

Links to MHealthy recipes, cooking videos, cooking classes, MHealthy Nutrition Programs and more!

U-M faculty, staff, retirees and their families have access to a broad range of tobacco treatment options as well as MHealthy's confidential educational program to help manage mild to moderate alcohol problems. 

Learning about ergonomic principles and applying them in your workspace can help to improve your comfort and well-being at work and while working from home.