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The FCVC DEI Well-being Committee, in collaboration with Human Resources’ Organizational Learning office is offering a monthly Round Tables conversation series focused on various topics related to culture and well-being for U-M faculty and staff.

The Round Table Conversations will provide a safe space to:

○       Explore various DEI and Well-being related topics and/or issues together

○       Bring your full self to work and share your voice

○        Build relationships and form a community that promotes authentic communication


Joi Rencher, LMSW

Project Manager, Culture, Well-Being, & Community Outreach

Frankel Cardiovascular Center


Sara Wiener, LMSW

Project Manager

Organizational Learning

Format: On Zoom

If you have an idea for future topics and/or would like to discuss facilitating a conversation yourself around a DEI and/or Well-being topic that you are passionate about, please drop your suggestions in the

Suggestion Box

2023 Topics and Description: 

January - Confronting & Coping With Microaggressions in the Healthcare Space. Sharing anonymous stories from the MM community who have experienced microaggressions in the healthcare space to help us:

February - TBD.


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Interpreter Services 

Interpreter Services provides trained, professional Medical Interpreters to all Michigan Medicine hospitals and clinics.

25 Million Americans have Limited English Proficiency

Professional interpreters can mean the difference between life and death.  We must provide meaningful access to services by making reasonable accommodations which will minimize risks and result in positive outcomes

The service, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is free of charge to both patients and providers within our health system.  

The Intpreter Services department strives to provide in-person interpreters for at least 80% of our appointment requests in our top 8 languages.  They receive over 2,000 in-person Interpreter requests per month and have over 75 interpreters speaking more than 15 languages. 

CLICK HERE for Tipsheets on scheduling an interpreter or visit the the Interpreter Services Homepage at 

What is the difference between Interpreting and Translating?

Interpreting involves oral and manual communication from one language to another.  Translation is the process of transferring written text from one language to another. 

After watching the video of Miley Cyrus using google translate, we hope you understand why utilizing tools like google translate is not an acceptable way to communicate with a patient or translate important health information.  Why?

The use of any type of translation software IS NOT acceptable.

M-Terp FLYER.pdf